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Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture
in Recurrent and Protracted Crises

What are the topical and pressing issues, in research and policy that inform programming and funding to support pastoralists and farmers in dryland regions? What are the perspectives and priorities of dryland communities? Read our Features articles to keep updated.

Cattle outside Bentiu town in South Sudan.
A girl stands watch over a herd of goats at Bakara Animal Market in Mogadishu.

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Women smallholder farmers in Kenya grow high-value crops like sweet potatoes to improve their food security and increase incomes. Features

Working together to build knowledge on pastoralism and agriculture in conflict zones

SPARC Executive Director Mark Redwood shares the vision that drives the Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crises (SPARC) consortium.
A student at a blackboard in a class in Niamey, Niger. Features

Interview: A gear shift in addressing equality and inclusion

Katharine Vincent, SPARC Gender and Social Inclusion Lead, shares the consortium’s vision on fostering inclusivity and equality.
Community rangers guard elephants in Sera Conservancy, Kenya Features

Supporting dryland communities and economies: Causes for concern and seeds of hope

Find out more about some of the opportunities and challenges that SPARC will face as we work with donors and programmes that aim to support dryland communities and economies.