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Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture
in Recurrent and Protracted Crises

What are the topical and pressing issues, in research and policy that inform programming and funding to support pastoralists and farmers in dryland regions? What are the perspectives and priorities of dryland communities? Read our News articles to keep updated.

Ethiopia - Image by K Lynch/Mercy Corps
A cattle trader at the animal market in Forobaranga, West Darfur.

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A donkey and cart transport goods as cattle graze near Lake Bam, Burkina Faso. News

Ministers urge more collaboration to support pastoralism in the Sahel

Leaders from the Executive Secretariat of the G5 Sahel and Reseau Billital Maroobe (RBM) urge policymakers, practitioners and donors to collaborate more to support pastoralists in the Sahel.
Jilo Tuke Dureti, from Dabassa Jaldessa, Somali Region, Ethiopia, uses a solar light and cell phone charger to light her home and charge neighbours' phones for a small fee, further increasing her ability to be self-sufficient. News

Doing things differently: innovation in drylands

What are the barriers to scaling innovation in drylands? How can we drive more innovation? SPARC shared its new research on innovation in dryland regions at the Global Landscapes Forum.
Local market traders in Pibor, South Sudan. News

Sustainable futures for drylands: SPARC at the Global Landscapes Forum

How can drylands be supported to build more sustainable and secure futures? SPARC held a dynamic plenary at the Global Landscapes Forum to explore the opportunities and challenges.
Students learn English in a Mercy Corps built Temporary Learning Space in Marial Boma Primary School, Unity State, South Sudan. News

SPARC supporting innovation for drylands development at the Global Landscapes Forum

Join SPARC as we foster dynamic knowledge exchange between practitioners about their experiences of drylands innovations.
Young girls share a textbook in class in Makalondi, Tilaberri Region, Niger. News

Join SPARC at the Global Landscapes Forum to explore opportunities for sustainable dryland economies

SPARC will lead discussions on the opportunities and challenges of taking a more integrated approach to addressing ecosystem restoration in Africa's drylands at the Global Landscapes Forum.
Asnake works on the community lead seedlings nursery project which generates an income for the women's cooperative News

Press release: New research programme to build resilience for drylands communities from east to west Africa

SPARC is generating knowledge to build the resilience of millions of people living in agricultural, pastoral and transitional communities in the drylands stretching from east to west Africa.
A farmer harvests sorghum seeds in Sudan. News

Innovation for food security and nature in climate-vulnerable drylands

SPARC supports the goals of a new international campaign on ‘Transforming agricultural innovation for People, Nature and Climate’. Find out why supporting innovation in farming matters.