Doing things differently: innovation in drylands

What are the barriers to scaling innovation in drylands? How can we drive more innovation? SPARC shared its new research on innovation in dryland regions at the Global Landscapes Forum.

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SPARC led a dynamic online discussion on ‘Innovative solutions to strengthen resilience in the drylands’ at the recent Global Landscape Forum, as it fostered learning between practitioners about their experiences of innovations in Africa's drylands.

Almost 200 participants took part in a vibrant knowledge exchange on the role of innovation to foster development in drylands, the challenges of scaling innovations in the Horn of Africa, and how to drive sustainable innovation in the Sahel. SPARC presented its Innovation Landscape Analysis - new research (due to be published in July) on the landscape of innovations in drylands and conflict-affected countries in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel.

Participants at the session explored the opportunities and barriers to identifying and evaluating innovation for scaled impact. Four leaders in the innovation space shared their experiences and recommendations on how to scale. The contributors were:

Attendees took part in online polls and Q & As to provide SPARC with insight into their experiences and perceptions of dryland innovations, to be included in the programme’s next innovation landscape analysis.  Some of the key highlights that practitioners provided include:

The event was part of the SPARC Innovation Research Facility - ongoing knowledge generation on which interventions can strengthen the livelihoods of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in dryland regions affected by conflict.

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