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Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture
in Recurrent and Protracted Crises
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Report corruption, fraud, human trafficking, harassment, and other violations.


As the lead organisation of SPARC, Cowater is committed to operating ethically. Everyone working for or on behalf of Cowater anywhere in the world is expected to conduct themselves professionally and within the law. To ensure full compliance with this approach, we encourage an environment of openness and transparency while providing a mechanism for our employees, partners, stakeholders or any other party to communicate a concern about any behaviour, practice, activity or conduct which may contravene our corporate standards and Code of Conduct.

Reporting Concerns

To make a complaint or raise an issue, please use the Whistleblower form on the Cowater website. This page provides an anonymous method to report any concern related to SPARC operations and possible breaches of corporate policies and procedures or suspected violations of laws and regulations.  This may include - but is not limited to - fraud, corruption or bribery, human trafficking, slavery, child abuse, harassment and discrimination, conflicts of interest, financial malpractice, significant environmental, health and safety concerns.


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