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Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture
in Recurrent and Protracted Crises
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Syria has a population of 17 million people.  The agricultural sector accounts for around 60 per cent of the country’s GDP, with almost 15 per cent of working Syrians employed in farming. Like all sectors in the economy, the agricultural sector has suffered since the current crisis started in 2011. Yet livestock production remains a vital part of the country’s farming system and a key source of income for millions of people. Almost one in five Syrians are between the ages of 15 and 24.

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Women in a market in Lakes state, South Sudan. Publications and resources

This review considers how protracted conflict has affected livelihoods and food security in select cases, and responses undertaken to address resulting economic and social harm.
A woman sells vegetables in Hamarwayne market in Mogadishu, Somalia. Publications and resources

Supplementary information for the rapid evidence review on livelihoods and markets in protracted conflict. The annexes comprise a compendium of country studies and grids of interventions.

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