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Addressing transboundary climate and adaptation risks in Sudan and the Sahel

In this article, the SPARC research team speak to Climate Home about why taking a regional approach is crucial to address climate and adaptation risks that cross borders.

Publisher SPARC

In the Sudano-Sahelian region, progress is being made to prioritise transboundary climate and adaptation risks. However, governments and regional organisations need to work together more to recognise and address climate risks that cross borders.

Researchers in SPARC spoke to experts and policymakers in the region, who say that using regional institutions to strengthen and implement co-ordination across borders is key to addressing transboundary climate and adaptation risks.

In this article on Climate Home, the SPARC research team, including Emmanuel Seck, Programme Manager at Enda Energie and a member of the UNFCCC Expert Group on Action and Support, Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Research Associate, and Laura Cramer, a PhD Fellow at the International Livestock Research Institute, explain why this regional approach matters.

Read the article on Climate Home here.

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