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Pastoralists On Social Media: Harnessing the Power of Influencers for Impactful Campaigns

In January 2023, the SPARC Innovation Research Facility partnered with Wowzi to explore how pastoralists engage on social media in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria and how this can be unlocked for information and product campaigns and generate new streams of income.

Event date and time 18th January 2023 10:00am GMT

The webinar featured panellists Mike Otieno, Co-Founder at Wowzi; Mark Kaigwa, Founder and Managing Director of Nendo, Alexis Teyie, Wowzi Research Lead at SPARC; and Chloe Stull-Lane, SPARC Innovation Director, in a vibrant discussion which looked at digital connectivity in the drylands, pastoralist social media influencers, digital behaviour change campaigns, and more. The full webinar can be viewed here:

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